session worksheet

Download this Sports Prediction Worksheet or Currency Market Prediction Worksheet (PDF), then edit or use as-is for your own sessions.

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This Link to a random letter generator is used to determine which outcome you are predicting. Read the About page, then view the Guide to My Predictions for more information.

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Download this Sports Statistics spreadsheet (PDF) or Currency Statistics spreadsheet (PDF) to measure performance.

25 Photosets - 2 images in each set. Make a prediction by describing and sketching the image with the name of the team that will win the game or win against the spread. 1) First, select a photoset to work with but do not click on the link. 2) Randomly choose which team goes with the first image and which team goes with the second image. 3) Do your session. 4) Click on the Photoset ID and determine which image you described and sketched - the team you predicted will win.